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I have premenstrual dysphoria disorder and get severe depression the week before my period starts. The pill prevents that from happening so I can live my life without feeling suicidal for a full week out of each month.

Birth control does a lot more good for people than those who want to take it away from us let on. What does the pill do for you? Reblog with your answer or leave it in my ask.


Just saw this posted on Facebook - quality crossover.


When 98% of your followers, and 99% of the population, use a method of contraceptive in direct conflict with your position, at what point do you feel that imposing the will of unmarried, celibate men representing a foreign city-state [Vatican City] is not the best context to address sexuality in America?

There’s just something about Philadelphia that goes straight to my heart. It’s grimy, while still being artsy. It’s historical while still being hip. It’s young and old. It’s corrupt in parts and in other untainted. At its heart, it is just a tell it like it is blue collar city. Philly is a city that loves you back. My City. I’ll complaint about local government. Joke about what makes Philly, Philly. Really I’ll just adore it.

A Chestnut Hill College Alumna with a degree in Criminal Justice; I’m very passionate about politics and the laws that govern us. A proud feminist; I believe strongly in women equality. I’ll rant about certain problems, and promote issues that I feel passionately about. Not to push my views on others but to start the conversation.

Then there the random, goof, geek, nerd side of this beautiful package; Addicted to Korean Dramas; Bookaholic; Sims 3, Candy Crush and Farm Hero feen. Sarcasm is my second language. At my core is my family. So, if you want to take a look through the Eyes of the Raven wander over to The Blackbird View.

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